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Small Click = Big Step

We've all had those moments of faith-reality check.

We think we have a level of faith for something, then the something becomes real, and now your faith is tested. "Oh wait, this is harder than I thought it would be!"

It just happened to our family. In preparation for Zoe-Utah, the Lord has asked us to "PAUSE" and take a season of training and upgrade; to press in with Him and each other, as a family. And to become "STUDENTS" of a Discipleship Training School.

Sounds novel, right? Maybe?

  1. "Pause," in my mind, looks like a lack of forward progress.

  2. To me, being a "student" of a DTS seems like a demotion, of sorts.

That's just for starters.

It's time to hit the button to purchase the flights to arrive in Kona on September 28th, 2017, just two weeks away. It hit us... "This is real!"

Everything changes if we do this. The faith-test is smack in our face.

We're huddle on the couch and the floor nearest the laptop. We look around at each other. Looking for confirmation in each others eyes. We ask for validation...

"We know this is Jesus, right?" "Yes." Comes the response.

"You have a peace?" "Yes." A second time.

A handful of tears start to well up in a few sets of eyes. Emotions are high. Excited, nervous, sad. Sad to leave our community. Like, no joke, real sad!

Click. It's done.

That step; seems simple. But when Abraham was asked to raise the knife over his sons body, ah!?


The Holy Spirit has led each of us to be committed to this season.

"Pause," now looks like a gift from God to draw us further into relationship with Him so that we have more to pour out when the time comes.

So, a DTS with YWAM at the Kona base. Three months of learning/training. Then three months of outreach (location TBD). Our seven member family changing course. Hip hip!


God is good. A simple statement but a most profound truth. It's more real than the air we breath (proverbially speaking). He's a giver of good gifts. When He asks us to step, we can more than trust Him.

Thank you Jesus for showing us this reality. You stepped into earth. You stepped onto Calvary. Praise the Lamb!


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