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Update w/ Video - Work & Calling?!

(turn on video closed captions)

By way of quick updates on our end...

The Lord continues to guide our lives in incredible ways while serving at UofN Kona. And getting to disciple others is a huge blessing.

One of the brilliant, biblical revelations I get to teach is...


Watch the 60-second video unpacking Garden Partnership (above)!

WARFARE:  I think one of the enemies sneakiest lies is creating a separation between the sacred and secular; convincing Christians their work is not holy, is not ministry, is not worship to the Lord.

Supernatural partnership with the Lord is really real!


Leading students in the Business Track into this Kingdom reality is so fun!

Helping them see the marketplace, money, mission, calling, career, etc., through the lens of Adam, Abraham, and Jesus - it's life-changing. Ultimately, childlike friendship with Jesus in our everyday life and work.

Here's a great testimony from a student...

"Partnering with God has been a lifetime Journey. It is always an adventure and there is always [a] risk every time you say yes!! God works miraculously however he chooses. You may have an idea of what you would like to see as an outcome to every Journey and God may have a different Vision than yours. The invitation to go with God as your partner is always going to be there. The question will always be, whether you're willing to say yes and take the risk. There are many lost opportunities for incredible things to happen in your life just because you don't want to say yes. What do you need to be saying yes to?"


BLESSING:  May your Garden Partnership with God increase - we pray this blessing over you. Jesus Christ wants to display His love, power, and goodness to the world through your work. Let's trust Him with even more of our life.

Would you prayerfully consider investing in the work the Lord has called us to?

For His Glory,

Dan, Danielle, Haven, Myah, Cohen, Asher, Valor


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