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Dan & Danielle Fries



Dan & Danielle Friess

  Join TheDannys for this training.  

  We will dig deep on "relationships".  

  This is a live, virtual, group experience.  

  This is for unmarried, young adult Christians.  

  Whether single, dating, or engaged, this will apply.

  This is an intentional, high commitment opportunity.  

  Radical kingdom marriage is available, and it's for you.  

  Jesus has infinite love, purity, unity, and joy available.  

six, two-hour sessions

zoom course

limited group

pic by @harrytohey

unmarried christians

single, dating, engaged

young adults age

book study included

teaching & testimony

QandA & discussion

prompts & processing

pretty sure you want this...
please be prayerful about this opportunity

Application does not equal enrollment.
Applicants will be prayerfully considered.
Selected applicants will be invited to
register and pay a course fee.


Fall 2023
Live Sessions Friday
6:00 - 8:00 PM (PST)

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discount for COTR members
  + $15 book 

Twelve Hours of Content

& New Relationships

Exclusive Experience


  OCT 13  |  session 1  
  OCT 20  |  session 2  
  OCT 27
  |  session 3  
  NOV 03
  |  session 4  
  NOV 11
  |  session 5  
  NOV 17
  |  session 6  

session 5
on Nov 11
is a Saturday

our heart...

to walk with you,
as you learn to walk with the
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,

as you are transformed into
someone good, true, and beautiful,

as you prepare yourself for
epic kingdom marriage - receive it

our story...

we dated for three months and
engaged for another three months,

bound-up in the religion and brokenness,
12 years acting like we had it together,

Jesus rescued us in 2013 and he
offered us a rare kingdom marriage,
and now we get to impart it to you


It's all about having Jesus Christ in the middle of everything; it's easier said than done. We want to explore the key aspects of relationships as it applies to young adult, unmarried Christians. We want to invite you into the larger story God has for his sons and daughters as you discover how to do friendship, courtship/dating, engagement, and ultimately marriage. We don't hold punches. We're willing to talk about the real stuff... openly, honestly, and honorably.

We have a wild fear-of-the-Lord regarding kingdom relationships. Jesus cares deeply about who you are, who you date and marry, how and why you pursue another person, and who you are in the process. But where is the discipleship? Why do we wait for "pre-marital counseling" class to try to learn how to live a kingdom relationship? Why does "pre-marital counseling" feel like a check-box? Honestly, it's a missed opportunity in the church. We want to walk with you in this category.

We'll dive into a biblical perspective on sexuality, affection, and intimacy. We'll explore questions do you move from friend-zone in to friends-plus? Is there a rate at which a relationship should progress? What if every conversation is a DTR? What about making-out versus not-kissing-till-the-altar? Why do I have an unhealthy history with relationships? What if I've never had a steady relationship? Why do I have a fear or aversion toward physical intimacy? Why do I have an unhealthy obsession with physical intimacy? How do you communicate with each other about hard things? Where do gender roles come into play? What if I need to break off a relationship? Is there only one soul-mate? How do you find the right person? What if we don't align on values or vision? Why does most dating advice feel like a wrestle between the secular world and a religious approach? And more.

How about the Bible? Where will it come into this training? We will dig into Genesis 1, 2, and 3. We'll cover Ephesians 4 and 5 and take a look at 1st Corinthians 7. We will chew through Matthew 18, the Women at the Well, and more. We'll acknowledge where many verses have been confused or abused (depending on your background). We'll provide context and language to understand the word of God in light of these crucial topics. Helping you discover a kingdom perspective on relationship. It's more brilliant than you could ask or imagine.

We'll share plenty of our personal story as it relates to these topics, ultimately to the glory of God for his redemption in our lives. He's touched us in countless ways over the years. We are not the same people who married each other over twenty years ago. He's made us new. We desire to impart to you what has taken years to cultivate.



pretty sure you want this...
please be prayerful about this opportunity.

Student 1 Takeaway...

The beauty of the biblical view of marriage; many cultural misconceptions that I had accepted as fact were dislodged in light of Scripture.
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