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An invite to discover the full-life with Jesus Christ

Ministry of Dan & Danielle Friess

I came that they may have life (zóé) and have it abundantly.
John 10:10

Dan & Danielle Fries

  Join TheDannys for this training.  

  We will dig deep on "relationships".  

  This is a live, online, group experience.  

  This is for unmarried, young adult Christians.  

  This is an intentional, high commitment opportunity.  

  Radical kingdom marriage is available, and it's for you.  

  Jesus has infinite love, purity, unity, and joy available.  

Image by Jake Melara

Navigating out of the Mormon faith is not easy. We are here to help.

Exiting Mormonism?

You don't have to throw God out of your life. Faith & hope is not lost.

We are a Christian ministry, here to support former Mormons.

This journey can be intense and confusing. It gets better.

Mormon Support
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