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Warrior Kids!

This kid is a warrior. Parents, each kid has characteristics we find positive and others negative. This boy is no exception. Some thoughts... 1) Who defines positive and negative? I'm not going to try and lay out my version here. But I will invite us to take a good look at our internal scorecards. 2) The heart of the child is the center of their soul. If the heart is hurting, it's bound to manifest someway or another. 3) Every kid's heart is hurting (on some level), with no exceptions. So don't be shocked by "negative" behaviors. 4) Don't think you win by managing their behavior. If it seems to work, it's only temporary or they develop into "internally-broken external-performers." 5) So... go after their heart. Help them find healing for the most broken parts. 6) The Catch... we can't heal their broken heart, we're incapable. In fact, us, the parents, are usually the ones causing the biggest wounds. 7) Jesus Christ alone can heal their hearts. He's the only one who truly knows their wounds and is capable to mend the hurts. He's not looking to manage their behavior, He's looking to breathe life into the damaged parts of their soul. Lastly, it's hard to lead someone on a journey you've never had. If you find yourself manifesting negative, get your heart healed by the perfectly loving surgeon, Jesus Christ. Ask Him to come and heal. Believe Him. He has and continues to be mending my heart and it's an incredible journey! From Dan with love.


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