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The Life of "Yes"

Jesus gave the world the ultimate "yes". Depending on our theological bent, our perspective on who Jesus was and why He came to earth can vary. I think this aspect of our worldview is of significant consideration. Some of us can lean toward a perspective that suggests Jesus "had to" come. Yet even in the statement "had to" could be various meanings. On one end could be the idea that He was required to come; as though Jesus was subordinate to a mandate which was introduced by an outside force, a third party, or a preset agenda. In this case, if He had not come salvation would not occur. But equally insane to consider... Jesus would have dropped the ball on His required responsibilities. It's insane to consider that the Creator God's salvation plan was based on something outside or beyond Himself. On another hand... Jesus' "had to" was to complete the rescue plan which He dreamed up in His own heart. "Had to", not as in... He was subordinate or merely obedient. But "had to", as in... His love for His creation demanded He executes the only viable rescue plan. "Had to" as in Jesus couldn't contain Himself. From this perspective, it may be better said that Jesus "had to" was more akin to "get to". Appreciating the deepest motive of why Jesus Christ would choose to step off His throne, enter into the mess of humanity, cloth Himself in flesh for the rest of eternity, bare the pain and sin of billions of humans - is of utmost importance. Yet it's frankly incomprehensible. Nevertheless, we try to grasp for some modicum of understanding. If I tried to simplify it down I could land on many single words. But today I choose the word "Yes". Jesus said yes to go, not because He was required by anything outside of Himself, but everything inside himself couldn't help but allow a raging YES to explode on to the scene of sinful chaos. His desire to save that which was lost, to love the unloveable, to redeem the rebellious, pursue the wayward ones - was literally the most manifest reality of Love. To this end, our only right response to His yes is to lay down our rights and give Him the gift of our "yes". Yes to the submitted/surrendered life. Yes to the reality that He is the greatest reality. He longs for our faith in Him above everything else. He knows how good He is to rescue us if we place our deepest trust in Him and nothing else. Almost seven years ago, I said yes. My wife said yes. We laid down our lives at the feet of Jesus and surrendered everything! Even in our initial yes, we knew we were incapable of giving a complete and perfect yes. So on the heels of our response was a second "yes"; yes to the things we don't even know we are trusting you for yet. We, humans, seek security at almost any price. Nothing in this earth life is ultimately secure. It's a broken existence. We think the security will equal freedom - the bible makes it clear this is not the case. Freedom is giving Jesus Christ the authority to be my rescue in, thru, from, and out of every circumstance - how, when, and where He wants to. Thank you, Jesus, for your "yes." Again, I say yes. "The lamb is worthy to receive the reward of His suffering."


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