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Italy, Cambodia, Still Small Voice

Me and Kevin are on the promenade in Battambang, Cambodia and we meet Michael. He's on a one year tour of Southeast Asia. He hails from Italy.

He's eager to speak with others from the West. We find out he used to play Fotbul (soccer) until he injured his knees. He's older now.

We small talk a bit, tell him we are here teaching English and serve the community.

We ask him if we can pray for his knees.Good

"Oh, you're Christians? Are you Catholic or protestant? I'm Catholic." He exclaims.

"We're protestant." We respond.

Michael says yes to our request to pray. He sticks out his right knee.

We pray for Jesus to show His love and power by healing Michael's knee.

We ask Michael to check if his knee is better. He wiggles it, bends it, kicks it. "It feels more loose." He says.

"Can we pray for more healing?"

"Yes, do this knee." Michael says as he extends his left leg.

We pray. I feel the faith well up in me. I feel a transfer of power. Jesus is moving.

"Michael, check it." We tell him.

"Wow, it's better! It works." He says as he affirms the fact the miracles are real. It's clear he's not accustomed to the miraculous side of God's kingdom.

Now he's really bending and kicking his legs as he discovers the God of the Bible is alive and well.

We then pray for the Lord's blessing over his trip and return home.

Then the still small voice. I think I hear it but it's so subtle.

I sense to pray for restoration of relationships when he gets back to Italy. I feel the Holy Spirit confirm this.

Another whisper... I pray for the relationship with his sister to be rebuilt. I think this is God.

I look up at Michael and ask. "Do you have a sister?"

"Yes." He says.

"Is your relationship with her bad?" I inquire.

Somewhat stunned, he looks at me with soft eyes, clearly bring touched by the Lord. "Yes, it's a bad relationship."

"What's your sisters name?" I ask.

He tells me, "it's Christina."

We pray for Jesus to repair their relationship. The Holy Spirit makes it clear that she carries bitterness towards Michael and her dad.

Michael's blown away at this point. He's encountered the love of God in tangible ways. He's ecstatic.

"I'm so grateful to have met you." He says.

"So are we Michael." We reply.

Joy fills his face as we part ways.


God's voice is so very quiet sometimes. I've wondered why this is.

I think the Lord wants to see our faith, our willingness to trust Him most. We need to silence all the other voices for His to be noticeable.


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