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Spiritual Warfare Outreach


Breakthrough to Mormon's

August 3 - 9th, 2020

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 Rahab's Recon! 

7 Days

Focused Objective...

Abide in the Presence

Seek the Word of the Lord

Worship  |  Intercession  |  Family

Utah - Utah County Map 2.png


600,000 population

80% Mormon

only 5,000 born again

This will not be a typical mission outreach trip. The Lord has provided some advance words.

  1. Rahab's Safe House:  to this end, we will be securing property for all outreach participants to reside in and spiritually cover. We anticipate 50 to 70 team members. Join us as we advance the Kingdom of God!

  2. Spy Mission:  Joshua & Caleb spying the promised land, as well as Nehemiah spying the walls of Jerusalem; our posture is to seek the Lord, understand His plans and intentions.

  3. Presence Above All Else:  inviting and abiding in His presence within this geographical territory is the warfare strategy for this outreach.


We believe the Lord has marked certain people/families to attend this outreach. Anyone who is interested may submit a noncommittal pre-registration form.

  • Spirit-filled Christians:  the only requirement for participating is being a spirit-filled born-again believer who senses they are called to join us. No special training is required for this outreach; cultural awareness training and warfare training will be provided. 

  • Prayerful Selection Process:  we intend to seek the Lord's counsel and confirmation regarding each team member (individual or family) who should attend.

  • Hosted By: Dan & Danielle Friess and their five children will be leading this missions trip. See their story here.


Estimated Budget:

  • $450 per person (less for kids)

  • Covers lodging, food, activities

  • Airfare and arrival transport not included

Arrival Details:

  • Saturday 08/03/19

  • Between 8:00 - 3:00 PM (exceptions can be made)

Other Questions - Contact Us:

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