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Are Mormons Christians? Depends on who you ask. Really, it depends.

Before we go any further, we ought to settle one thing... words matter. And what we mean by words, matters even more.

We pose this question to cause us to wrestle with our thoughts and feelings for a moment.

"Christian" is the crucial word here. To one, it's designated to those belonging to the "true church" Jesus established during His ministry on earth and re-established in latter days through a new prophet. Well, that could sound reasonable enough. Maybe? But what does "church" mean, let alone "true church". Debate anyone?!

How about... "anyone who professes Jesus Christ to be their personal Lord and Savior" is a Christian. There's even a Bible verse to back it up.

We can keep going. "Ye shall know them by their fruits..." (Matthew 7:16). This is a pretty good qualifier of true followers of Jesus, right? Then consider this argument; cause Mormons have said it, and Protestants have thought it...

  • Line up one hundred devotees (committed individuals/families) of each of the world's faith systems.

  • Observe the devotees contributions (fruits) to community and society (e.g. ethics, morals, service, honesty, family values, charity, giving, etc.)

  • The Mormon's appear to win!

  • Right?!

As always, each party is convinced of their position.

The tension is real. You may not feel it. But it's likely because you are not engaging (having real faith conversations) with the opposite party.

And the dogma on both sides? It can be like the Rock of Gibraltar, not moving!

We know the tension. We've personally lived on both sides. We've walked right through the middle of it. It's sharp. Nearly cut us in half.

We want to help settle it. Bring some clarity and perspective.​​

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